Garfield as a live action film, featuring a CG cat and Jennifer Love Hewitt. As if that wasn't bad enough, Judge Reinhold will not be playing Jon Arbuckle, the part he was born to play. It's some other guy. [via imdb]

If only the BBC's biography pages were as satirical as this: "Drew is a zero-time Emmy Award winner. In fact, he's never even been nominated. He has, however, shattered both the single-season (912) and career (3,617) records for pieces of Hate Mail Received (HMR) at 9NEWS." [via lost remote]

Turin, the Milton Keynes of 18th century Italy. Although with less car parks.

When reading a novel requires more commitment than some people put into their marriages. The kind of book which requires the reader to see how small the writing is. This one features a play and diagrams, and unlike Glamour magazine it won't fit in your bag.

Please Don't Feed The Pidgeons. For once the typo isn't my fault.

Richard Herring is going to run the London Marathon. Moon. Stick. You make up the catchphrase.

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