Proxy Insider The problem with Blogger Insider is that it happens more infrequently than it used to ... so I've decided to start casting about elsewhere for something. Welcome to Proxy Insider. This week, I'm answer the questions The Observer put to Douglas Adams in March 1995 as part of a column called 'The Dream Team'. Feel free to borrow them (like I have from 'The Salmon of Doubt') for your own weblog (and let me know so that I can link to you). Let us proceed:

Dream Film Cast: Ocean's Eleven, pretty much, featuring Jay and Silent Bob ('F**k the money, I'm off to get some Vegas pussy, snoogens...'). Although if I have to be original ... 'The Monty Python Story', featuring Colin Firth as John Cleese, Steve Coogan as Michael Palin, Simon Pegg as Eric Idle, Liev Schrieber as Terry Gilliam, James Lance as Terry Jones, Ewan McGregger as Graham Chapman, Dave Gorman as Neil Innes, Sally Phillips as Connie Booth (and I'd start in the midst of Footlights and end when Cleese leaves the Python TV series at the end of series three).

Dream Rock Band: The Beatles.

Dream Lover Currently got a soft spot for Emily Corrie who plays Sooz in 'As If'. But that'll probably change in the next five minutes.

Dream Project: Given unlimited financial resources, saving every species which will die out in the time it takes to write this line. It's a start.

Dream Alternative Careers: Actor, astronaut, writer.

Dream Holiday: Extended break in a busy metropolis, anything will do, although I've a soft spot for London, New York and Tokyo. Somewhere which can envelope me. I get nervous during sliences.

Dream Home: Some kind of crash pad, in place where so much is happening that the most time I spend at home is to sleep.

Dream Cuisine: I I had to spend the rest of my life eating the food of one country it would Italy. Couldn't live without Bolognes

Dream Day Out: Glastonbury Festival. Must get around to that. Although I'm worried that I'd be disappointed now.

[I think if you compare the above with Douglas Adams' version you'll see the difference between a great writer who will be sorely missed and a hack.]

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